3 Tips To Choose A Reliable Interior Design Company

11/09/2015 07:42

Hiring an interior designer can make or break your dream of dwelling in a home whose interior oozes with luxury and elegance. Irrespective of the size of your home, a reliable interior designer should be able to transform your average-looking home into a pleasant and comfortable place to live in. Thus, it is of substantial importance to find a good interior design company in Singapore.

A remodelling project has been made uncomplicated these days with lots of interior design firms available, both online and offline. Despite the growing number of renovation firms and designers on the market, however, not all of them can provide the best service with budget friendly rate. Sure, few renovation companies can present beyond what is expected result but might be too expensive for you. This is why it is significant to select a reliable interior design company for the project.

Below are three valuable factors that should be considered when searching for an interior design company.

Clarify Credentials

As mentioned, there are numerous renovation firms offering services today ranging from amateurs to highly experienced ones. Hence, you should verify their credentials to ascertain if they have the qualifications to carry out your home remodelling project. While all interior designers are concerned with style and aesthetics, a designer with license and years of experience in the industry can guarantee you of comprehensive training and reputed skills.

A seasoned interior design professional should be aware of certain issues covering home renovation, such as space planning, lighting positioning, colour blending and matching, and material selection. The simplest way to clarify the credentials and capability of the interior design company is through their portfolio. The company should be able to show you samples of previous works they have accomplished to prove their qualifications.

Determine Project Scope

At times, the scope of your project can help you decide which renovation contractor or interior designer to hire. If you are building a new house or undergoing a major renovation in your current home, chances are you are already working with an architect, which is favourable for you. Often, architects and designers work together to balance the aesthetic of the house’s structure with the interior finishes. Your architect might recommend someone whom he has worked in previous projects.

Meanwhile, if your project involves minor remodelling, such as redecorating a single room, you can consider your budget in choosing an interior designer. Search for a prospective designer and tell him to keep the project expenses under the specified budget. A dependable designer will discuss with you the realistic budget based on what you aspire to achieve.

Offer Suggestions

In a renovation project, obviously, you will be the one to lay out what you want to accomplish from the design, colour choice to furnishing arrangement. However, a professional designer is not scared to voice out what he thinks would suit you better, but it doesn’t mean you will lose your preference in the process. The designer may offer suggestions but the end result should match to what you would have wanted or even beyond. The design should reflect your taste and preference perfectly.

Finding an HDB interior design company in Singapore can be less difficult if you are aware on how to select the suitable one that can deliver top notch outcome of your project. It is highly advisable to hire a designer who has a reputable background in achieving high quality job at affordable price.